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As a top-rated Pest Control in Orange County we are experienced in servicing both residential and commercial accounts. A Service Technician strives for “A” quality service focusing on general pests, rodent control, and wildlife trapping. He will show up to your door in a uniform ready to complete a detailed inspection before providing a service. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service is crucial to satisfy your needs pertaining to the pest issues that are currently concerning you. IPM consists of the three points and examples noted down below:

Our Process


A Service Technician will share information and make recommendations to better the living environment that will help control the current pest issues.

Also, he will comment and recommend to you on any sanitation issues that can be at risk to the general public and human health.


A Quality Pest Control uses highly effective and government regulated pesticide materials to control the current pest issues. A General Pest Preparation List can be reviewed by you on this website before the service date.

It is very important for the owner / tenant to comply with the preparation list before the service date. The preparation is just as important as the control method to successfully eradicate the pest issues.


A Service Technician will share pest entry points and recommend exclusion tips in writing to help control your current pest issues. The exclusion scope of service and pricing are separate from the pest control scope of service and pricing.

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 A Quality Pest Control has an Emergency Response Service for your need pertaining to urgent pest control issues. The company is “on call” 7 days a week and is ready to eradicate your urgent pest problems in a timely manner. Please contact A Quality Pest Control to schedule an appointment today and we look forward to servicing your pest control needs in the near future.

Effective Pest Control in Orange County, California

Have you heard strange noises in your home? Perhaps you’ve noticed droppings or other signs that unwelcome visitors have taken up residence in your house. If so, then it’s time to call us out and get the problem resolved. As a leading pest control company in Orange County, we’re ideally placed to get rid of vermin, insects and unwanted wildlife. No matter how bad your infestation might be, we can get rid of it, allowing you to enjoy your home again.

Have You Considered On-Going Inspections?

An infestation is unlikely to go away on its own, so it makes sense to ensure that any pests are dealt with quickly. If left untreated, rapid breeding often results in one or two unwelcome animals multiplying into dozens. Obviously the larger the numbers, the more challenging and potentially costly removal can be. That’s why a number of our clients use our home pest control company service in Orange County for regularly scheduled inspection visits. This approach ensures any pests are eradicated promptly and your home remains hygienic and safe.

We Also Offer Preventative Advice

Particularly if you own a food related business, the last thing you want is repeated rodent problems or insect infestations. Our team won’t just completely eradicate your existing pest problem, they’ll also recommend options for minimizing the chances of the issue recurring. Our pro-active approach and cost-effective suggestions for prevention are just two of the reasons why we’re the commercial pest control company of choice for many Orange County commercial enterprises. If you’ve recently acquired premises, why not let us inspect them for signs of infestation, enabling you to be confident that you’re starting up your operation in a sanitary environment.

One of the Best Residential Pest Control Companies in Orange County, CA

No matter what type of pest problem you’re battling, we’re here to help. We have a strong track record in providing a friendly, effective and professional eradication and control service to homes and businesses across Orange County. To book an appointment, call us now at (949) 463-0263.