Winter Pest Control Tips

Winter pest control is not often thought of because most of the insects go dormant during these months. That is why Fall and Winter is the ideal time to prepare and prevent rodents & fur-bearing mammals to get access inside your house. Nocturnal pests won’t be out in broad daylight but they will be lurking in the dark trying to find warmth to nest. Pest prevention doesn’t require us to visit by a pest control specialist, all it requires is your time.

I’ve put together my top five winter pest control tips:

  1. Trim back trees & landscape away from the structure & roof. The Fall is the best time to trim back trees to avoid disturbing our raptors’ nesting sites during their nesting season.
  2. Sealing up entry points pertaining to your structure will help keep rodents & other mammals out of the interior of your home.
  3. Placing personal property in sheds/containers and away from the structure will decrease the chance of nesting sites on your property.
  4. Open up your foliage (shrubs) will decrease the chance of nesting sites on your property.
  5. An Owl Box might be an excellent method to control the rodent population around the exterior potion of your property.

There are times when in the process of prevention you discover mammal nesting areas, if that happens give us a call and we’ll take care of the problem. Let us know if these tips worked for you this winter and if you would like to see more bite sized articles from us in the future.